What is Seed?

Seed is a material which is used for planting or regeneration purpose.

Seed Quality

Seed quality is the sum of all properties contributing to seed performance

Seed Certification

Seed certification is also designed to achieve prescribed Standards.

Seed Maintenance

Maintenance of Genetic Purity during Seed Production


  • Seed play an important role in any technology embedding and we have to produce pure, quality, resistant, healthy seeds for production of healthy food to satisfy our needs.
  • The main aim of seed production is to produce genetically pure and good quality seed.
  • Variety is a group of plants having clear distinguished characters which when reproduced either sexually or asexually retains these characters.
  • The genetic purity of a variety is lost or deteriorated during seed multiplication, so there is need to follow particular standards for multiplication of Quality Seed. Hence, Punjab State Seed Certification Authority plays an important role in multiplication of Seed.

Classes Of Seed

Breeder Seeds

  • Breeder seed is seed or vegetative propagating material directly controlled by originating or sponsoring plant breeder of the breeding programmer or institution and/or seed whose production is personally supervised by a qualified plant breeder and which provided the source for the initial and recurring increase of Foundation seed.
  • Breeder seed shall be genetically so pure as to guarantee that in the subsequent generation. I.e. certified Foundation seed class shall conform to the prescribed standard of genetic purity. The other quality factors of Breeder seed such as physical purity; inert matter germination etc. shall be indicated on the label on actual basis.

Foundation Seed

  • Foundation seed shall be the progeny of breeder seed, or produced from Foundation seed which can be clearly traced to Breeder seed. Thus Foundation seed can even be produced from Foundation seed.
  • During the production of Foundation seed the following guidelines shall be observed.
  • Foundation seed produced directly from breeder seed shall be designated as Foundation seed stage-I.
  • Foundation seed produced from Foundation seed state-I shall be designated as Foundation seed stage-II.
  • Foundation seed stage-II will not be used for further increase of Foundation seed and shall be only for production of certified seed class.

Certified Seed

  • Certified seed shall be the seed certified by certification Agency notified under section 8 of the seed Act, 1966. Certified seed shall consist of two classes, namely, Foundation and Certified seed and each class shall conform to the following description.
  • Certification tag shall be of white color for Both Foundation seed stage-I & II and shall contain the information as bellow
    Length : 15 CM
    Breadth: 7.5 CM
    Quality: It shall be made of durable materials such as thick paper, paper with cloth lining ,wax coated paper , plastic coated paper etc.
    Colour : Both side shall be white for Foundation class and Blue for Certified class