Establishment of Punjab State Seed Certification Authority

The Seed review team, which studied seed trade in developed countries and submitted its report to the Govt. of India in 1968, recommended that the Certification Agencies should be set up under the Seeds Act, 1966 should be independent from the Seeds Producing/Marketing Agencies and The Authority Enforcing the Seeds Act. The team Further recommended that the seed certification agency be constituted in the form of an autonomous body undertaking the field inspection and other certification work.

The Punjab Govt. in first Phase of National Seed Project, decided to establish an independent Certification Authority.Consequently, The Punjab State Seed Certification Authority registered on March , 15, 1976,under the Societies registration Act,1980.

The governing Board of The Punjab State Seed Certification Authority was constituted vide Punjab Govt. Notification No. 422 (M)-Agri. 1(6)-76/14805 dated April 22,1976.

The Punjab State Seed Certification Authority started functioning w.e.f. 1st May 1976 with the appointment of Director of the Authority as its Chief Executive.


  • Act as the seed certification Agency established under section-8 of the seed Act 1966.
  • Discharge the functions entrusted to seed certification Agency under section 9 and 10 of the seals Act 1966.
  • Maintain a list of source of Breeder and foundation seeds approved by the central seed certification Board.
  • Outline the procedure for submission of application for growing, harvesting, processing, labeling and tagging of seeds intended for certification.
  • To verify application in respect to crop variety and source seed.
  • Undertake inspection of seed fields, seed processing plants and seed lots
  • Ensure that the seed certified by it conforms to the standards prescribed by the CSCB.
  • Grant certificates, certification tags, etc. as per the prescribed procedure.